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Few interesting facts about maple in USA

Few interesting facts about maple in USA

Few interesting facts about maple in USA

Maple syrup or real maple syrup there is absolutely no comparison with the taste of it. A single drop of it can make you fall for it. The taste is pure bliss for anybody having it, especially for the foodies. People who tasted maple syrup believe in the fact that the taste of the original syrup is absolutely stunning and there is absolutely no match of the original syrup with that of the imitation one. But if you want to have this syrup for a regular basis it can become a bit pinching to your pocket. Then what is the way out? How can you have maple in USA that does not give a hole in your pocket? Of course, there is a way out or a solution to your problem. Willing to learn how? There is a way out but it might not be very easy. The solution is to produce your own maple syrup from the juicy sap of the maple trees.

But before producing maple in usa it is highly important or prudent to understand the very features of the maple tree in USA. Without having proper knowledge of the characteristics of the tree it is a bit difficult to tap sap from it.  So, let’s gather some knowledge or a few interesting facts on it.

maple in USA

Few interesting particulars about maple tree.

Maple trees generally have around a hundred and twenty species all around the globe. They are usually found in parts of Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America. You can usually notice these trees in a colder climatic region.

The appearance of a maple tree.

Maple in USA or in any other part of the cosmos grow tall. The trees can experience growth of up to forty-five meters and that is quite tall. Maple flowers generally appear to be red, orange, yellow or green. The flowers are quite small but when found in huge numbers in a tree can give amazingly colorful results.

Use or ways to utilize it.

Do you know that you can use maple to decorate your house or office space? Yes, you read it right. Maple can be used as a piece of decor either for home or office buildings. If you prefer bonsai art then this type of tree is the best for you. These trees ideally respond to techniques of leaf reduction as well as ramification.

Apart from these, you can definitely utilize such trees for extracting maple sap and preparing maple in USA. A maple tree can also become a rich source of timber and once can make furniture from it. Bats of baseball are also made of maple tree timber.

Tips on taking care.

If you wish to grow a maple tree the first thing you need to consider is good soil. The growth of such a tree hugely depends on the quality of the soil. The soil depicts how much water and nutrients can the tree utilize for the proper growth of the plant.

A brief history of maple syrup.

The concept of this genre of syrup came from the land of America and it is a true American product. And the history of the syrup is as much old as the land itself. The process of producing the syrup is purely a native American process. The native people of North America first started producing this syrup from maple woods. They started producing it when the Europeans first arrived on the land.

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How to prepare maple syrup?

Preparing maple syrup from the sap of the maple tree is an age-old process or technique. But trust me producing such syrups can be real fun. Generally, preparing maple syrup in usa means to go through or undertake various steps or stages of preparation. But before you begin to conduct any step what you need to do is to collect specials tools and types of equipment for collection of such saps from the trees.

The types of equipment that you will require for collection of sap from the tree are – spiels, hydrometers or spouts as well as finishing filters that are widely used tools for tapping maple syrup. Much of the equipment can be acquired from your local store, and the items that are unique to making maple syrup such as spiels, (spouts) hydrometers, and finishing filters can be found at maple syrup equipment suppliers, or you can find them either online or on offline mode.

The steps of preparing maple syrup.

The process of maple syrup preparation includes certain steps that are highly required for syrup manufacturing.  Let’s now check the steps.

  1. At first you need to collect the sap of the trees. For sap collection you need to tap the trees. While tapping and collecting the sap always remember that sugar maple tree is the best for preparation of maple syrup. Remember, whenever you opt for tapping the tree you need to select a tree having a minimum diameter of 12”, and if it is more than 20” it can take two taps.
  2. After collecting the saps in the next step what you need to do is boiling the sap. It is an important as well as most necessary step for preparation maple syrup. As the sap boils excess water evaporates and the sugary shack or the sugar starts to concentrate and initiates to caramelize. As the sugary substance concentrates the color of the syrup changes into dark brown color. You can now consider that the syrup is complete.
  3. The third stage involves storage. You need to remember the fact that proper storage of the syrup is highly recommended. And for that what you need to do is pour the syrup into a sterilized mason jar.

In this way you can perfectly cook up maple syrup and store it for future use. You can taste the sweet flavor and the smooth texture of the maple syrup and enjoy it with any food.


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